Independent artist and curator mainly interested in feminist artwork and history of art. Here you will find my projects: exhibitions, interviews with artists, open calls, and more.



31 JULY 2020 @ 3pm

Self.identify is an online exhibition that promotes the art of printmaking. The show consists of autobiographical works that creatively question the self within society, culture and history as a self-reflective journey through the artists mind. We provoke questions, such as: Who am I? How am I seen by others? What makes me different? Where am I from? What do I want? What do I need? What makes me happy?…

The exhibition zine will explore how society divides people into categories. We are often asked questions that should not define us: What is your marital status? What is your gender? What is your sexual orientation? What is your religion or belief? What is your ethnic origin? 

Why is this relevant?!!


Inês Mourato

Elena Portius

Live interviews


JULY 2020

Interviews with: Melissa Fisher; Christianna Knight; Mary-Ann Stuart; Emma Sikora; Amy Mahoney; Katie Bowdery; Selin Göksel; and Uli Jaeger.

Interviewed by:

Inês Mourato

Elena Portius

Self-IDentify Open Call


JUNE 2020 – JULY 2020

The aim of this exhibition is to provide a view into the artist’s creative mind and thoughts around ‘place identity’ – the place of the artist within contemporary culture. The works we want to provide, will be questioning how we are adapting and evolving during current events. With the aim to get conversations started.


Inês Mourato

Elena Portius

Interview with Future Foundry


24 MAY 2020

A live interview with Inês Mourato by Sarah Dimech about the artist’s artwork and participation at the online Dover Print Fair.

Talk between:

Inês Mourato

Sarah Dimech

Once upon a time, and Now!


1 JUNE 2020 – 1 JUNE 2021

Once upon a time, and Now! Is a virtual exhibition that looks back at ancient Egyptian mythology from a contemporary feminist perspective. Virtual catalogue here.


Inês Mourato

Diletta D’Antoni

Junwei Chen

Interview with Nicole Wassall.

This interview is part of Once upon a time, and Now! interviews between curator and artists.

Equality, ©Nicole Wassall, 2019.

Interview with James Putnam.

This interview is part of Once upon a time, and Now! interviews between curator and artists.

Queen with Sistrum and Lotus – Queen Nefertari wife of Ramses II, ©James Putnam

Dover Print Fair


MAY 2020

A virtual print fair organised by Future Foundry, Dover Arts Development and Dover Studio Collective through instagram platform.